Friday, April 29, 2011

10 Very important things I learned abroad

So I decided that instead of putting a play by play of each of my trips I would just give you a few little treasures of knowledge that I picked up on my trips across the world. I was recently blessed to travel to England with my family and to Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for a conference called Education Without Borders. What an amazing experience!! I was thrilled to meet new people, see new cultures and amazing sights, and learn so much about leadership and changing the world.

10. If you poke an Indian, they multiply by 12. Thank you Naman for teaching me this little gem of knowledge. He was one of my favorite people that I met at EWB in Dubai.

9. A proper English breakfast is one of the best meals in the world. Nothing better! This picture is of our Alaskan Waffles at the Romley House in York, England. A proper English breakfast is sausage, bacon (fried ham, not American bacon), over easy eggs, beans, tomatoes and hot cocoa. Delicious!
8. The Persian Gulf is the most beautiful place in the world. The water is warm in March, as blue as can be and absolutely stunning. And it has the most gorgeous and full seashells in the world, not like California where the shells are all broken.
7. The Emerati people know how to throw a party. There is no limit to the amount spent on fireworks and anything that can be summed up with the word fabulous will likely be found in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The picture below is the Emirates Palace. It was stunning!
6. I want a castle. Some of these things predated the U.S. by nearly 1000 years. The picture on the left is the Castle Coch and the right is Caerphilly Castle both from Wales.
5. I LOVE CAMELS! Look at that happy face! Mine and the camels!
4. Stonehenge is one of the coolest places in the world! Legend (one of them) has it that Merlin summoned it to England for ritualistic purposes.
3. The Buckingham Palace guards are all nerds. Check it out.
2. I'm not so different from other people all over the world.
1. Traveling is my new favorite past time! My goal is to touch every continent before I die. With the exception of Antarctica, I'd be OK not going there.

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