Thursday, September 27, 2012

An update

The last time I wrote on this blog was when I got married. That was a pretty big deal. Now Justin and I will be celebrating 6 months of wedded bliss on Saturday.  As you can imagine, a whole lot has happened in such a short amount of time.  I'll give a brief overview of the last six months starting with the day after mine and Justin's big day.

We went to Mexico!! We loved it and have every intention of going back as soon as we can.  We did everything from snorkeling to buying off 2 cops. It was awesome
First time snorkeling for me. Justin's a pro.
Chichen Itza
This is us being awesome in Mexico

We dressed up like disco people... obviously.
I hope you are impressed by Justin's suit. I know I sure am.
We went to 2 zoos... the latter being the more impressive.
Hogle Zoo Salt Lake City, UT
Manatees, the reason the Columbus Zoo is better
Zoo 2 Columbus Zoo

We became an aunt and uncle!

Baby Cohen

We went to Cedar Point, just the coolest amusement park in the world.

We moved to Columbus, Ohio and we have loved it!

And we had a grand adventure with the Nelson's on our way to Ohio

We found our way into some Indian Caverns.

We became The Ohio State University Buckeyes!  We're nuts!  

Script Ohio. The most amazing marching band!

Well that gives a pretty satisfactory summary of our first six months of marriage. It has been a blast! I've loved being married and having so many fun adventures! 

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