Thursday, November 1, 2012

A job, a dog

A job, a dog, a noodle, a doodle... (name that movie!)

Anyway, I got a job!!! I have been searching for a job since June and finally got the perfect one.  I've been hoping and praying that I would get a job that I would enjoy and one that would help me apply what I am learning in class to my "real life."  This job does just that! I am thrilled and so blessed to have gotten such a great opportunity. I feel that the Lord has been really looking out for me.

Introducing Henry!
In other news, Justin and I got a dog! We have been thinking about getting a dog and decided to go look around at what kinds of dogs were out there. We didn't really expect to actually get a dog, just check out the scene.  But then we met Henry.  Henry is a six pound Pomeranian mix. He looks like a little fox but cuter and he won over our hearts (especially Justin's) right away.  He's sweet, playful, cuddly, and apartment sized all at the same time. Great dog, right?

A few little facts about Henry: First he is a jumper. It's a good thing his mad jumping skills are limited by his tiny six inch legs or he'd be dangerously close to soaring into space.

Henry is trying really hard to get the whole house training thing down. He's almost got it and we are remaining perfectly calm during this disturbance in our usually clean home. Except for that one time when I gasped so loudly when I discovered a mess that Henry hid in the corner.  That was sad.

Henry loves food and jumps for joy when he sees it. He's a gazelle in a tiny dog body.

Henry gets what Henry wants. When he want's his belly rubbed, he will nudge and paw at you until you finally cave and pet him.

Needless to say, he's a keeper. We are enjoying having a puppy to welcome us home.

Justin and I have been so blessed since moving to Ohio.  It gives me a lot of confidence that we are right where we need to be.

This picture is a good demonstration of his personality.