Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Best Worst Dog in the World

This is Henry. He's my 3 year old Pomeranian mix and he is the best, worst dog in the world. You might ask what the best worst dog could mean. Well he is the best of all of the worst dogs in the world. Did that lend you any clarity? 

Please, let me explain. My darling fox-faced pup is a terror. I'm afraid that you may have read that wrong, he is not a terrier, he is a TERROR.

  • When we first adopted him he didn't quite understand the whole potty training thing. He'd just do his thing wherever he pleased which always resulted in us gasping loudly after stepping in it and then scrubbing for about 10 minutes.
    • His nickname is Poopy.
  • A good friend of ours was nice enough to take care of Henry while we were away for Christmas. When I was back I found out that he had wizzled all over their house. He even lifted his leg on my friend while she was wearing her new Christmas PJs. Devil dog.
  • Once, he vomited all over Justin. That was fun.
  • Henry freaks out over oranges. It's quite funny.

  • Sometimes he will growl at you when you smile at him.
  • Henry hates paper and somehow manages to find every little piece lying around that house. Just watch the video.

  • Henry has temper problems. One minute he will be perfectly happy and content and then next he is violently shaking his head and growling.
  • No plush toy can survive Henry's wrath. Here is a picture of the toy raccoon that I bought him for Christmas. He ruined it in a day. 

  • That said, Henry will never abandon a beloved toy. One day I found Henry stuck behind the couch with his toy just out of reach. At least he looked happy to be there.

  • Whenever I eat somewhere other than the kitchen table, I have to be aware of where Henry is at all times. Otherwise he drinks my milk. This cat cartoon about sums it up:

  • Henry barks at everything. You might think I am kidding but you can just ask the poor missionaries and they will confirm.
  • Oh and Henry hates the missionaries so he'll probably hate you too. Sorry.
Now you are probably asking yourself, "how could anyone love such a terrible dog?" Good question. But seriously, who could not love this face? Life is always better when you have a dog to welcome you home.

I love my little Henry!

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