Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dumb Facebook Posts

I feel like Facebook makes most people look really dumb even though they try really hard to look cool on it.

Albums of only you

I'm sorry but your album of 100 webcam pictures of yourself is not flattering... and it never will be. It just proves that you are slightly vain and like to take too many pictures of yourself. Get a significant other or a pet, then people can at least comment on how adorable you two are together.

To the girl on TRAX who takes pictures of herself on her phone for a solid hour every day: You pull the same "blue steal" face for every picture. Are you expecting one of those pictures to look better than the other?


Everyone seems to have an opinion on politics which rocks my socks off. I love politics and enjoy reading your opinions. It just really bothers me when someone says something "related" to politics, when really they just want people to comment on their post. Forgive me for not taking you seriously when you say, "Occupy Wall Street is dumber."

Vague emotional posts. 

I feel like Facebook is kind of like asking "how are you?" to random people. If someone were to respond with awful, I wouldn't know how to respond.  Similarly, I don't know what to say when you post "Life is so hard" on your Facebook. I'd like to read about your big events, humorous thoughts, insights and such. A vague post that says "so exhausted" is just another way of getting people to post on your wall. Please, elaborate people. You can't give me a sneak peak and then not explain it!

World, keep posting! I love to read about it! Just, you know, be wise in your posting. Moderation in all things.

I just think this is funny.

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