Friday, September 23, 2011

Sesame Street: G

This is absolutely hilarious. Sesame Street is the coolest thing since sliced bread.

Friday, September 9, 2011

#1 Place To See

This is my next destination. Don't worry, I will definitely be trying to jump from boat to boat. That looks like kid's stuff. I could do it.

Can't guess where it is? Here are some more pictures:

I'll be visiting this place, don't you worry.

You can bet that I'll be hangin' with these guys.

You can bet I'll eat something out of these:

And I might even hang out with this guy:

I'll definitely be buying one of these head dresses and wear it proudly.

If you haven't figured it out yet, my #1 place to visit on my bucket list is...


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From North to South and South to North

I hold certain places dear to my heart, all of which have the fondest of memories attached to them. For example, there was a tree just outside the fence in my family home where I spent my tween to teenage years. That tree was my sanctuary. When my young and highly hormone driven emotions would get the best of me, I'd climb that tree and think. I'd always sit on a certain branch that was big enough to hold me but small enough that those bigger and older than me couldn't sit on it too. Sometimes my imagination would take over
my thoughts and I would travel the entire world all the while never leave my favorite tree. I loved that tree.

The picture to the right is of me by my tree. At this point I was getting to be the the bigger and older person that the tree branch probably couldn't support.

Anyway, my point of this blog post was not to reminisce on trees. I noticed the other day as I was driving back to my apartment in Northern Utah from my home in southern Utah how much my perception has changed. When I was a young girl, going to southern Utah meant adventure. It was so exciting to go south because it always meant we were going to do something exciting as a family. Going home (north) meant the end of an adventure and was therefore not as exciting but still welcome.

After my parents announced that we'd be moving to southern Utah, the south didn't hold quite the same grandeur. It then became a pleasure to go up north. Going north meant old friends, familiar faces and places. Going back south was almost a punishment. Like I was being exiled to Elba.

Elba (aka the south) soon turned to my very own America. (I know, I'm using two different historical stories and places but still, you'll understand) Instead of feeling exiled, I suddenly had all the freedom in the world. The south meant growing and learning and FUN! Going up north was still a pleasure but not as much of a yearning as it had been before.

Interestingly enough, northern Utah is now like going back to elementary school after a long break. I have wonderful people welcoming me and taking me under their wing, but the north represents responsibility and lack of time. Going from south to north is now a lot harder than it has ever been while going from the north to the south is an occasion to look forward to.

In the end, I'm just rambling about how it's odd how places and even directions can be associated with emotions. Now don't get me wrong, I like the north, especially the people who are here. I couldn't ask for more wonderful people to be with me in northern Utah. I love them all very much and that is what makes going north nothing like Elba. However, the south will forever and always hold a special place in my heart.