Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Once upon a time...

Welp people of the world, I am happily off the market! That's right, Justin proposed to me over the Christmas holiday. He's the best and I'm thrilled to have a real, actual, honest-to-goodness BFF. Justin is my best friend forever. I can't wait to marry him.
  Want to know the story? Of course you do. It's a good story. Here it is:

Justin and I had been planning on going to Cedar City for a few days during our Christmas break. I love Cedar City and SUU and Justin shares that infatuation. On our way, Justin told me that he wanted to stop by SUU to visit an old friend. I'll admit, I was annoyed. The purpose of our trip was to be with family, and though I love old friends, this was Christmas and Christmas is synonymous with family.

We arrived in Cedar and after about an hour and a half, Justin wanted to go to SUU. Once again, I was annoyed and even tried to talk my way out of going with him.

  • First, we went into the bookstore to "make sure it was open."  That was my mom's excuse to get me to go with him. Sneaky mom. 
  •  Then we talked to some old friends which was very nice but not the one the Justin was expecting.
  • Then Justin got a text from the friend saying he was on upper campus and to meet him there.

Once again, annoyed.  I thought he should come to us.

When we got to the Hunter Conference Center, Justin decided to take a detour to see the Great Hall. Now I was perplexed. I figured Justin must be feeling sentimental.

The first door to the Great Hall was locked. I thought, "yeah, it's about a half hour before they close for Christmas." (Thanks for loving me Justin, sometimes I can be a grump) Then to my utmost surprise, Justin opened the second door revealing a dozen of the most luscious red roses I've ever seen.

Welcoming me into the room was the best "proposal playlist" I could have ever dreamed of. Next to the roses was a beautiful digital picture frame displaying some of my favorite pictures of us. All of this was surrounded by Christmas lights and poinsettias in the most beautiful room on campus.

That was when I figured out what was happening.

Justin told me about how this place was special to him. We went to a dance there and we both realized how wonderful the other one was.

Then he knelt down, presented a stunning ring and asked me to marry him. I said "yes I will!"

To top it off, when we walked out of the Great Hall, my family was there waiting for us. I couldn't have been happier. Justin really knows how to make me feel like a million bucks.

Justin had called my brother earlier that day and orchestrated this amazing day. Thanks to the best brother and fiance I could ask for.

And thus begins the most exciting adventure of my life.