Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Things Happening

There are a lot of happy things happening this summer! I get to go home more often than normal because of all the happiness happening with both sides of my family. Some of it would be best described as bitter sweet. Emily and Josh are leaving on their missions soon which is sad but I'm proud of them.

Ryan and Dannie got married!

I love that they were married in San Diego. It made for one awesome weekend full of sun, family and Mexican food. What more could you ask for?

Such a cute couple!

We loved the San Diego Temple

Lindsy and Ryan got married!

Beautiful couple!

One of my favorite pictures from the wedding

We were not blinded by the bride and groom's love because of these sweet shades.

We danced. Oh, did we dance.

No trip is complete without seeing my beloved family! We went to the zoo and hung out with each other and had an absolute blast.

Love them!

Sister bear, Justin Be-bear, Lil' bear, Brother bear

Carson comes home from his mission!

I'm so excited to see this kid!!!!

He's the one wearing the mask.

Josh leaves on his mission!

He's so cool.

Emily leaves on her mission! (definitely a bitter sweet kind of thing)

I love this girl! She'll make an awesome missionary!!

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