Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Becoming Kels Nels

It's official! I am off the market, I bit the dust, I've tied the not... whatever way you want to phrase it, I'm married!

 Justin and I were married March 29, 2012 in the Salt Lake City, Utah Temple.  Little known fact to many, my 10-14 year old self always knew I'd marry a Justin. Just ask my sister, when we'd play house, my husband/boyfriend's name was always Justin.

What a glorious day... week it was! Our families lovingly dubbed ours a wedding festival rather than a wedding day. I feel like Justin and I planned our wedding perfectly. We had a dinner the night before and didn't have a luncheon so that we could have a later ceremony the day of our wedding. So to begin the thrilling saga that was our wedding festival...

Wednesday (3/27) was a fantastic day.   I had to go to work in the morning and that was lame and of little importance for this story. I picked up Emily at this point and we went off to get manicures and pedicures for the big day.  I had the bright idea to go to a school rather than a professional salon to save a few pennies.  Mistake made, lesson learned.  Emily was privileged to have a girl who spoke English. I did not receive such a nice perk. My salon lady, fashionista, stylist, beauty girl... (what are they called??) did not speak English and forgot my name within the first 3 seconds of meeting me. After Emily was greeted so warmly, my gal walked up to me and said, "oh, I forgot your name." Thanks, lady.

During the manicure I had my nails painted and look jealously over at Emily who was receiving a luxury hand massage. My girl decided it would be a great idea to put lotion on my just painted finger and smudged the paint a little. Thanks again, lady.

Sexy thing
Regardless of the not-so-great service, Emily and I had a good time. I love being with her. She's the best friend I've ever had.

Dinner was great! We held our dinner at a church and all of our closest friends and family came to support us and eat delicious Cafe Rio.

Justin and I also learned what would happen to us in the next 1,5,10,20,30,40, and 50 years. Sounds like we've got a lot of kids coming our way and very diverse careers including thespian endeavors, public speaking engagements, and law. We've got an exciting life in front of us, Justin!

Amazing friends!

Really High 40 - Because we are that cool

The next day was the big day!!  It looked beautiful outside. The sun was shining, it was warm and there was no wind. It was everything we could have asked for.

On our way to the temple!

Our sealer, the man who married us, was Craig Zwick of the Quorum of the Seventy. When he spoke, the entire room went quiet to listen to his beautiful, powerful and heart felt message. It was a beautiful ceremony!   There wasn't a dry eye in the entire room.  What a beautiful and powerful experience it was to be sealed to my love for all of eternity and to have my family there supporting me. I'm a pretty lucky girl.

My mom promised me that I would never forget the look on Justin's face when he saw me in my dress for the first time. I can tell you, I never will. The look on his face was so sweet and made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman who ever lived.

Photo courtesy of the amazing Emily Burt

We took our grand exit outside to a totally different day. It was blustery, rainy and cold. You know what, I didn't mind a bit. As long as I can remember, it has rained on most important days in my life so it was only appropriate for mother nature to get a little choked up at this blessed event. Everyone I love was outside waiting to see our smiling faces.  I got a kiss from my groom... hehe.. and a few hugs from family and friends. We smiled a whole lot, not just because we took boat loads of pictures (that will come soon I hope) but because we were completely happy.

Here are more pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Naturally we had to make a quick stop by Wendy's to celebrate with the friendly staff and to feed our very hungry stomachs.  We were still wearing our full wedding ensemble so the kind Wendy's people got a good laugh and gave a hearty "Congratulations!" 

We took oodles of pictures once we were at the reception hall. That was fun. Our photographer, Chris Wood was amazing. You should consider him for any of your photography needs. 


Our line was simple, just Justin, our parents and me.  It was a lot of fun greeting old friends and meeting new ones. I'll tell you what, Justin is one loved man. Every person that came through that line raved about the amazing man I was getting. I had to agree. We had some great friends come all the way from Cedar City and California to our wedding. It was so great to see them!! 

Nobody can resist giving Justin a good game... pinch.
Sorry for any of you who came right at the end of the formal line. We were supposed to be cutting the cake and all that jazz so I may have tried to get the line to move a little faster by spending about 1 second talking to each person. That probably wasn't the best for PR. I'm sorry!

Naturally we had Cold Stone cater. Because we're just that awesome.

Then we cut the cake! It was truly a piece of art.  Justin's aunt, Tya, spent hours on this stunning 40 pound cake. Not only was it visually stunning, but it tasted amazing too! 

I wasn't really sure if my handsome groom would smoosh cake in my face. We'd discussed it before, but never came to a decision. He squished cake in my face. The squished cake then made a little trek all the way down my dress.  I feel I got the worse end of the deal. I hardly got Justin at all.

Then I threw the bouquet. All of the girls lined up about a mile away so it was unfortunate that I was not blessed with a wicked throwing arm.  However, it did make it to the bottom of the stairs and my cousin Becca caught it. Wohoo! 

I got to have my daddy daughter dance. I loved that. I remember dancing on his feet as a little girl and I will always remember my dance with my dad at my wedding.

My Dad and I and Justin and his mom

Then we partied it up! We had all sorts of dancing going on afterward. Christopher even led us in some Zumba. I have the coolest family ever.

Justin and I may or may not have forgotten to plan a get away... so our sweet friends and family threw rose petals from their corsages/boutonnieres and the pebbles from our centerpieces. That was pretty sweet. Loved it! 

To sum it all up, we had a blast. We're living happily in Salt Lake in our cosy new apartment. I sure do love Justin.  
We know how to have some fun

I'm so happy to be married to the man of my dreams!

(As of now I only have the pictures from friends and family and just a few from our photographer. I'll probably post more later!)