Monday, January 30, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like.... April Fools.

Valentines Day has never been my favorite holiday but I'm warming up to it because thanks to Justin, I have reason to celebrate now.  However, I've already started planning for another holiday. One that is far more exciting and fantastic in every way. April Fools Day.

While Valentines Day may be the celebration of our love, April Fools day might be more of a test of our love. Thank heavens Justin and I are getting married only days before April Fools day so he'll be stuck with me... before I show my love for April Fools Day.


Growing up in the Chandler household was the kind of heart warming, loving childhood experience that everyone hopes for. I am very blessed. But on April Fools day, it's a free for all that would make luchadors tremble in fear.

Patches. He's one of the best dogs in the world
 I recall one year my dad strategically molded a sliver of brownie to resemble the droppings of our dachshund who had yet to learn the difference between bedroom and outside. He put the poo-shaped brownie on my brothers pillow who discovered it because my little brother (who was not in on the joke) came to tell him that Patches had "left him a present on his pillow." Poor Patches. Christopher ran to his room and freaked out at the little guy who was completely innocent. My dad came down to help clean up the mess. To the horrified and exasperated face of my brother, my dad grabbed the poo-shaped brownie and popped it into his mouth.  That was an April Fools trick for the books. It was fantastic.

We've done so many more dramatic pranks, but I'm afraid you would get tired of reading all of them. So instead, I give you a link to a blog that lists some April Fools tricks... we've done all but a few of these in my family.

So Justin, you should consider yourself one lucky duck that we will be on our honeymoon on April Fools. It will be much harder to play a prank when I'm in unknown territory. Beware, fresh meat, April Fools Day is one of my favorite holidays...

Welcome to the Chandlers, Justin!