Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All Grown Up Now

I feel grown up today. I'm a big kid with responsibility now. It's not the full time job, graduate school, marriage or the fact that I am in my mid-early twenties that make me feel grown up.

I just planted my very first garden.

That's right, I'm a real adult now. Justin and I are now the caretakers of a beautiful 8 X 9 foot garden. We're as proud as peacocks; take a look at our hard work.

What did we plant?
1 pink rose bush
1 yellow/white rose bush
1 azalea
1 dwarf burning bush
3 Asiatic lilies
Lots and lots of petunias
Lots and lots of marigolds
Also a ground cover that is failing. We shoved it in the back. It's basically the red-headed step child of the garden.

My favorite is the white/yellow rose bush. The buds are just beautiful.

Sometimes I stalk my flowers by staring at them for minutes at a time. If plants had feelings, they would probably feel very awkward in the mornings when I stare at them while I eat my cereal. Call me flower creeper, it's alright, it doesn't offend me.

Have a great day... and admire our garden a little more.

Henry really only got in the way while gardening but we still allowed him into our triumphant photo.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Being a Graduate Student

I've learned a few things from my experience in graduate school. I've chosen the long and arduous road of going to school part time and working full time. This means that while everyone else has a blast during the summer, I'm still at work and still sitting through hours of class on weeknights.  Bleh.

Now don't get me wrong, as you can see from other posts on this blog, I have a great life and I don't have much to complain about. I am quite enjoying my time here at OSU but every now and then I do get a wee frustrated with school.

1. Graduate School ≠ Undergraduate:



2. Graduate school costs too much.. SCAM

3. Motivation is quickly lost

4. Homework meltdowns are common occurrences. 

(You can just ask Justin, he'll confirm that these happen too often for me)

5. Meltdowns end as soon as I realize it's Friday.

6. Graduate school has taught me a new level of procrastination that I never knew was possible.

7. Nobody knows what MPA stands for.

8. My most common reaction to seeing the new syllabus:

Well kids, stay in school. There sure is a lot to look forward to.