Friday, June 10, 2011

Master of Public Administration

I figured this was probably a big deal in my life so I'd post on it. I am heading off to the University of Utah for my Master's in Public Administration. I am really excited to start this fall. Now the only big question is what my emphasis should be. I'm debating right now between higher education and health administration. I worked with the Leavitt Center and fell in love with higher education administration, however, I also did a year long internship with a public health department and also fell in love with that. Luckily I don't have to officially decide for at least one semester, but due to scheduling conflicts in my courses, I may have to declare one a little earlier than I anticipated. Shoot.

All I have left to do is move to Salt Lake, find a job and start another two years of school. Which by the way may end up turning into a lot more since I am now contemplating getting a joint doctoral degree with my master's degree. I just love making decisions.

My brother just finished the program and really enjoyed it so I am looking forward to it a little more. I am super excited to be able to see him more often when I move up to Salt Lake!