Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I still play dress up

I love Halloween.  Sadly, I have the misfortune of being in class this Halloween. That is an outright crime against partying! How am I supposed to dress up and have fun if I'm stuck in class? OUTRAGE!

Because I am pouting right now, I am also reminiscing on all the fantastic Halloweens that I've had over the years. Admittedly, I haven't always been such an awesome costume designer. I went through a "too cool for school phase" that resulted in a tragic loss of awesomeness. Cowboys, who needs them? Vampires, cliche. Such lame costumes have no place on a blog like this. Now it's all about channeling the awesomeness. That's right, awesomeness.

The following is just a sampling of my Halloweens over the past few years.

80's night. Though not for Halloween, it was during that time of the year. 2008

Cleopatra. Yep. That's my mom's prom dress.  2009

Poison Ivy.  Again, not on Halloween, but like I said, I still play dress up. 2010

Oompa Loompas. To date, this is still the best costume I've ever done. 2010

Smurfs. We made those hats. Hand stitched them in fact. 2011

Zombie run. Coolest running experience ever. 2011
People step it up. No more lame costumes! Channel your inner awesomeness. The impossible can become possible if you are AWESOME!


  1. ok...ok...i LOVE the zombie run idea, and i LOVE your mom's prom dress. i would wear that.

  2. You were born to recreate the 80s and make it look good. The zombie race was definitely one for the books. Gotta love Halloween.