Wednesday, May 29, 2013

All Grown Up Now

I feel grown up today. I'm a big kid with responsibility now. It's not the full time job, graduate school, marriage or the fact that I am in my mid-early twenties that make me feel grown up.

I just planted my very first garden.

That's right, I'm a real adult now. Justin and I are now the caretakers of a beautiful 8 X 9 foot garden. We're as proud as peacocks; take a look at our hard work.

What did we plant?
1 pink rose bush
1 yellow/white rose bush
1 azalea
1 dwarf burning bush
3 Asiatic lilies
Lots and lots of petunias
Lots and lots of marigolds
Also a ground cover that is failing. We shoved it in the back. It's basically the red-headed step child of the garden.

My favorite is the white/yellow rose bush. The buds are just beautiful.

Sometimes I stalk my flowers by staring at them for minutes at a time. If plants had feelings, they would probably feel very awkward in the mornings when I stare at them while I eat my cereal. Call me flower creeper, it's alright, it doesn't offend me.

Have a great day... and admire our garden a little more.

Henry really only got in the way while gardening but we still allowed him into our triumphant photo.

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